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1-2-3 Solitaire Card Games Suite is a lengthy title for a great collection of card games from SolSuite. Comprising twelve different card games, this neat bundle is a great way to pass the time while waiting for your next appointment, or in between the school runs.

Once you have the software on your computer, simply click to open. Choose which of the twelve games that you want to play and the cards lay themselves out in the appropriate formation and you are good to go! The question-mark on the top banner brings up a comprehensive rule book, neatly illustrated to help the player to understand the rules and objectives of the game.

A quick recap of each of the games is as follows:

FreeCell: all the cards are dealt face up in eight columns of seven or eight cards. There are four free cells, that is to say, spaces where the cards can be 'held' in order to access the cards underneath them. These cards also allow the movement of columns of ordered cards (ordering is red on black). The purpose of the game is to free up the aces which are moved to their end destination (foundation cells similar to the free ones) and then the other cards are placed on top of them in ascending order.

Grandfather's Clock: all the cards are dealt in a circle, like numbers in a clock, four cards in each pile. All the cards are face down. The remaining four cards go in the centre of the circle and one card is turned face-up. This card is the first one played. Each pile represents a different value, for example 12 o'clock represents Queens, and one o'clock represents aces. Kings are in the middle grouping. So, if the first card to play is a two, it is placed in the two o'clock spot and a card is taken from the two o'clock pile. This card is moved to its designated spot and a card taken from that pile. This continues until no further moves can be made or the game is won.

Pyramid: very much like 'Golf' the idea is to sort through all the cards until the whole layout has been collected. Play is by choosing a card that is one digit above or below the starting card, for example, a three will be followed by a two or a four.

Royal Rendezvous: A standard solitaire type game, played with two decks of cards. The variation in this game is that the cards are not collected straightforwardly, but rather in ones, twos, or threes, for example threes would be to collect 3 then 6 then 9 and so on.

Klondike: A standard Solitaire-type game with one or two variations to make it more interesting.

Flower Garden Solitaire: Six columns of seven cards are laid out, and the remaining 16 cards make a 'bouquet'. The bottom card of each column and the entire bouquet is available for play. The cards must be moved to the foundation spaces (aces first) to win the game.

Yukon: Very similar to Klondike except that you can access any face up card, no matter how deep it is in the column to move that card (and all those on top of it too!) to an appropriate spot (either an empty space or a continuation of the pattern, usually black on red)

Diplomat: Two decks are used in this game. The layout is eight columns, using thirty-two cards, with eight foundation spaces above them for the aces to be placed. The remaining cards comprise the stock. Only one card can be played at a time, and spaces can be filled by any card.

Spider: (Including One and Two Suit) A quick and easy game which requires that the player create full suites before they are automatically cleared from the board. One and Two suits are correspondingly much easier than the full version of the game.

Forty Thieves: A very difficult game that relies mostly on luck. Play is to build up suites by suite, rather than the usual red on black and the aim is to move all the cards to the foundation. Most of the cards are laid out with a small stock in reserve. Only one card at a time or a series in suite can be moved.


  • A great game for card game lovers
  • An excellent way to while away many hours


  • Some of the more complicated games can be frustrating

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