img Asphalt Overdrive for Windows 8

Version (4/17/16)

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Windows 10 / Windows 8.1

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In English


Racing games


3.0 (10)

Embrace 80s-Style Arcade Racing

Asphalt Overdrive is a racing game with a strong 80s theme. Everything from the colourful backdrops to the cars themselves simply screen the 80s, adding a touch of retro fun. This is the main gimmick that drivers the game, but is it enough to make it endlessly playable? Check out the review to see if this game will get your motor running.

The game gets into gear with players behind the wheel of a Ferrari, which they will use to complete the first mission. However, the action goes downhill rather quickly, as once this mission has been completed gamers will be evicted from this mean machine. Instead, they are given a selection of three vehicles to choose from which, although they are not bad, they can never live up to the thrill of the Ferrari.

As you would expect from a racing game, the car is the main focus and there are plenty of opportunities to upgrade your car to make it faster. One of the main things that is missing, however, is the cool and challenging racetracks as fast paced races that get your blood pumping.

Although a lot of attention and detail has gone into creating the cars, the same cannot be said about the rest of the game. The graphics are rather flat and boring and apart from a few elements that set the tone, the 80s theme has not really been fully utilised.

Instead of racing other drivers, players will use their upgraded car to escape from the pursuit of the relentless police. It is never really made clear why they are chasing your car in the first place, but they certainly seem intent on bringing you to justice.

Players are given several different types of mission to complete during the course of the game, and these missions can be fun for a while. In addition to running from the police, players are tasked with driving super cars and performing different types of stunts. One of the odd things about the game is that there is a limit to how far you are able to progress and it quickly seems to come to a close.

This can be a bit frustrating, as despite its shortcomings, the gaming action of Asphalt Overdrive can be rather fun while it lasts. However, as engaging as the game is while you are playing, it fails to get under the skin. It is easy to forget about the game when you are not playing and gamers are likely to forget what they enjoyed about the game in the first place and turn to another type of racing game the next time they feel the need for speed.

Asphalt Overdrive is an instalment in a series of asphalt games that have proven to be rather popular among gamers. Sadly, this release does not really live up to the solid reputation of the other games and it feels like the creators took things easy this time around and chose to milk their success a little rather than pushing the boat out and trying something new and exciting.

As soon as gamers see the cool cars that Asphalt Overdrive presents, they are sure to feel like they are in for a real treat. However, the game does not offer the exciting racetracks, varied action and great graphics of other popular racing games and is ultimately rather limited.


  • Lots of great cars to unlock
  • Interesting retro style game play


  • Only a few race categories
  • The graphics need to be sharper
  • Limited game play

Screenshots of Asphalt Overdrive for Windows 8