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Some Monstrous Fun is Just Around the Corner

Attack on Titan was created by fans of the popular anime series rather than professional gaming creators. On the face of things, this might seems like a bad idea. Read on to discover if the game is good fun or if the fans should have left the work up to professionals.

Fans of the Attack on Titan anime series are sure to be familiar with the cute and rather childish graphics and may well even adore them. This is known as the chibi style in Japanese slang and is very hot right now. This style has been well represented in the game, while the high flying combat is another major element that serves as a fitting tribute.

The environments of the game look rather primitive and do not really fit the detail of the characters. The titans come off as looking rather like huge Jelly Babies rather than bosses to be reckoned with.

However, one of the great things about Attack on Titans that fans are sure to love is the fact that they can play as their favourite character. All of the main characters from the show, including Levi, Mikasa and Eren, are there and ready to be played with. As soon as you select your character of choice, you will start to battle one of the towering titans. The main mission of the game is to defeat all of the titans one by one and claim victory.

While the titans might look like big balls of jelly with arms and legs, actually defeating them is hard. The only vulnerable spot on their whole body is the nape of their neck, and considering that the characters are larger even than the buildings around them, getting to this spot is far from easy. To do this, players must use the famous Team Dimensional Manoeuvres and get behind the titans before slashing at this weak spot.

Just like in the actual anime, players are given two grappling hooks. These can be fired at any solid object, including the titans themselves. Players will then be able to slingshot their character through the air to try to reach the exact point that will bring them victory. Of course, if you miss you will be in for a world of pain as the titans quickly realise what you are trying to do and wreak their revenge. There are lots of different ways to use the grappling hooks, however, and discovering the best method and putting it into practice is part of the challenge.

It has to be said: it is still very early for the Attack on Titan game. Although players are given a glimpse at what the creators were aiming for, there are still a few things that need to be tweaked. One element that does not work well at the moment is the difficulty level. Getting anywhere in the game can be very, very tough, and younger gamers in particular may find this too challenging and simply become frustrated with the game.

At this moment in time Attack on Titan is only a demo. Despite being rather tricky in parts, it can be a lot of fun and it is certainly very faithful to the anime series. Many gamers are sure to wait impatiently for the full game to make its way onto their computer screens.


  • Each of the characters plays differently
  • Different game modes to choose from
  • Lots of new challenges
  • The controls are smooth and simple


  • The game is very difficult at points
  • It can get a bit stressful

Screenshots of Attack on Titan Tribute Game 0.1042015 Demo