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Bandicam is a PC computer screen recorder for recording what is happening on the computer screen.

As images or in real-time video, Bandicam captures the screen changes and movements on the screen. Gamers like Bandicam because they can record their epic moments and victories for replay, as well as use the images function to share scores, inventory supplies, cool looking characters, buildings, or cars, and even game tutorials for other players.

The default settings for Bandicam allow out-of-the-box recording for gamers from the moment it is installed on the computer. Other settings are available for those who like to experiment. Saving is allowed in AVI or MP4 file format and usually requires no conversion before posting or sharing online. There are virtually no limits on the type of applications on-screen, which can be recorded using Bandicam. Examples include RPG games, iTunes, PowerPoint presentations, Skype video and streaming video.

The software is designed to be gentle on the gamer's PC. Notably, video compression occurs while recording. Hardware accelerated encoders such as h.264 (Nvidia NVENC/CUDA) and Intel Quick Sync video as well as AMD APP. This results in an option to record at high speed and high compression without sacrificing quality. Gamers can record video up to 3840x2160 resolution and 2160P UHD video. At the same time, the video size is condensed for easy online posting(1/5 ~ 1/20 video size)

The default screen display includes a frames-per-second (FPS) counter. Picture-in picture or video in video modes are available. As a bonus, there is a drawing function. Gamers can draw lines, boxes, or highlights while recording. The subsequent multi-media file can then be uploaded to YouTube, no converting required.

Because Bandicam supports AVI 2.0, the file size is limited only by the gamer's hard drive. It is possible to record in excess of 24 hours of continuous video, depending upon hard drive size. Desktop recording mode comes with a feature for highlighted mouse cursor and click effects. Add a microphone, and the gamer can teach others the exact moves to make in order to achieve a game goal or beat an onscreen enemy.


  • Less Lag
  • Easy on computer hardware
  • Multi file type save option
  • Smoother than many other screen record software programs
  • Good recording quality


  • Some users report game lag while using (rare)
  • Free version 'edit' button is just a link to purchase Bandicam video edit software

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