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The fifth mainstream title in the popular first person shooter series Call of Duty.

Call of Duty: World at War released in 2008 by Activision-Blizzard and created by Treyarch is the fifth game in the World War II franchise.

Players adopt the role of a soldier participating in the Pacific and Eastern Front theaters. The game was generally accepted and received praise from most of it's critics. The single player missions and story content were recognized as being only a small portion of the game with a focus on multi-player where players would either play co cooperatively against AI enemies or else against one another in player versus player maps. The patch fixed some minor glitches in some of the content including the inclusion of an addition 'Makin Day' multi-player map. There was an existing 'Makin' map, however the patched map has some differences. Additional Downloadable content was made available later that introduced a number of new maps.

Game Play

Call of Duty games are well made first person shooters. Characters can crouch, stand and lie prone in order to escape incoming fire, a nice change from classic first person shooters that only allowed players to strafe to avoid harm. the single player missions are played through by one person with four AI team mates that are actually helpful instead of obstructive. Providing covering fire, checking rooms and targeting enemies make them a worth while addition to the game. Multi player has six different game modes including the classic death match and capture the flag game modes. A fun mini game is the Nazi Zombies mini game that pits four players against never ending swarms of Nazi Zombies. Points are gained by killing zombies and repairing barricades. The game is a fun addition to the otherwise fairly serious content of World War II in the Pacific theater.


Call of Duty games use an in house physics engine and have a great look and feel. The game goes out of its way to be historically accurate in the look, equipment, weapons and vehicles that you'll find in the game. the story is involved, players take on the roll of three different characters starting with American Marine Private C. Miller and shifts through different soldier personas as the game proceeds. weapons selection is diverse, but still realistic. more realism is added by weapon attachments, and the player only able to carry 2 weapons at a time instead of an entire arsenal. Sound quality is as you'd expect from a AAA title and the production quality really shines. it should be noted that this game is more mature than most of the previous games in the franchise, the story involving topics like torture and war crimes. Most of the minor presentation glitches in the original game were addressed in the patch.


  • Great game play with strong single player and multi player
  • Nice historical accuracy submerges the player in the game experience


  • Very realistic portrayal of WWII with utlra violent scenes and very mature content is not for everyone

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