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1.4 Patch (6/7/11)

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Call of Duty World at War Patch 1.4 is an update for the Call of Duty World at War PC game.

The Call of Duty series of first-person shooter games offers players a chance to become soldiers fighting in armies around the world and on secret op missions. Due to the size of the software and its popularity, it often has multiple releases of patches for each game after release. Players will find a glitch here or a crash there, and the software engineers for publishers Activision and Square Enix begin to work on ways for the software to run better and to fix any mistakes or 'bugs'.

The most recent update/patch is Call of Duty World at War Patch 1.4. In this patch for the game, there are three new multiplayer maps known as Kneedeep, Station, and Nightfire. Kneedeep takes players to the island of Peleliu. The setting is a village which has now become a Japanese command centre. Playing sides are Imperial Japanese Army and the Marine Raiders. The troop mission is to get valuable information from the command post. Terrain includes jungles, streams, and Japanese bunkers. This map is good for larger groups of multiplayer teams.

Station is an underground Berlin train station scenario. Teams are the Red Army and the Wehrmacht. The train cars have been bombed out and are scattered all throughout this medium-sized map, while lots of hidden and not-so-hidden tunnels offer cover and adventure.

Nightfire, the third map included with the Call of Duty World at War Patch 1.4 is a city-level map set in Berlin during a war, either at night or so bombed out it seems like night save for the flames of burning buildings all aroudn the player. This map also features Red Army against Wehrmacht. Suited for medium to large team games, Nightfire is actually the same map as the one used in the mission Eviction. Also, the Der Riese Zombie map is based on Nightfire.

Call of Duty World at War Patch 1.4 also has a Nazi Zombies map. There are more weapons, electroshock defenses, and even Perks-a-Cola vending machines for thirsty zom-err players. Spawning works better in the latest patch as well, and when players are running through objectives, they are not auto-balanced anymore.

In modifications, a MissingAssets.csv can be generated if maps are run using developer set on 1. Also the hold breath and sprint functions work as they were intended to. IWD's can now be saved to the usermaps folder.

Previous issues with lag that was caused when shooting at tanks have currently been repaired, and during Search and Destroy rifle grenades fired before the 15 seconds elapse time come out as duds. Hardcore game mode players who equip a Bouncing Betty and use melee are now appropriately corrected with a penalty for team kill. Other deductions (200 points) currently occur in the same scenario if team killing the bomb planter or the bomb defuser. Direct impact deaths are no longer an option via Martyrdom, and 'bayonet jumping' has also been turned off.


  • New maps
  • New weapons
  • Cool Zombie Nazis to kill


  • Some previous 'chuckle' options such as bayonet jumping no longer available

Screenshots of Call Of Duty: World at War 1.4 Patch