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6.4 (6/25/14)

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Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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Cheat Engine enables you to hack Windows games’ settings

Cheat Engine is a free utility that, once installed, monitors and tracks memory usage by games on Windows. It detects variables that appear in single player game HUDs, including health, ammo, and lives, and enables the user to increase or decrease them. Whether you’re stuck on an especially difficult game, or you want to ramp up the challenge of a title beyond the game settings, Cheat Engine allows you to do exactly that.

The primary purpose of Cheat Engine is to enable users to be able to increase or decrease the difficulty of single player games, but it also includes debugging and even system analysis tools.

The software allows for a variety of cheats in different games. Some of the most common hacks include increasing health, lives, or ammo, but the software also offers some Direct X hacks, so that it is possible to turn walls see-through or identify the position to difficult to find objects. Speed hacks are another common use of the application, enabling the user extra time to aim, fire, and get around the game world.


Cheat Engine software may be picked up by some anti-virus software as being malicious software. This is because it accesses parts of the system that are accessed in rootkits. Improvements have been made to the software, so that it is less likely to be flagged as malicious, or the user can bypass their antivirus settings to enable the software to inject code and access system files.

Scans And Variables

One of the benefits of the software is that it enables the user to hack software, rather than hacking the software itself. This means that it can be used on a huge number of single player games, and the user can create their own settings rather than relying on those of others, although it is possible to download and use other users’ cheat tables.

The simplest hacks can be done by scanning for a particular in-game variable using the software, and then altering it accordingly. For example, if a player starts with 100HP, then the user can scan for a variable of 100 to find the appropriate setting. It is then possible to change this to 1000HP to make the game simpler, or even down to 1HP to make it much more difficult.

Not For Multiplayer Use

Some users have created aimbots and other hacks for multiplayer games using the software. However, software developers may actively check for those that use this type of software, and accounts have been banned for this type of action before.

Users are strongly discouraged from using Cheat Engine on multiplayer games, and this is not what the software was designed for.

Sharing Cheat Tables

Cheat Engine works using Cheat Tables. Alter settings, create a new difficulty level, and then create a cheat table for that game using these settings. This means that the user can continue to play on the modified setting, and it also means that tables can be shared between users.

Because Cheat Engine is open source software, there is a large community of people that offer instructions on scanning and changing variables within specific games, and it is even possible to download and use Cheat Tables that have been created by other users. Alternatively, the user can create their own table and share it with the community.

Tutorials Included

Some of the hacks are considered basic, but more complex hacks require finding variables that might not be immediately obvious or easy to find. For example, an aimbot detects specific textures within the game and then automatically centres the screen on that texture. Having the software detect the texture of enemy heads allows for automatic or assisted headshots.

Tutorials are included with the software, taking the user through the basic use of the software, and offering some tips and guidance on finding all of the most relevant and potentially beneficial scans and hacks that could be used.

Encrypted Values

Some game developers attempt to prevent the use of this type of hacking software by encrypting variables. Typically, they use simple mathematical equations to do this so, for example, if a player has 100HP then a simple encryption would see this variable multiplied by 6 and the user would have to find the variable 600.

Cheat Engine cannot detect encrypted values, but it allows the user to scan for all variables. It is possible, sometimes through trial and error and other times through a simple check, to find encrypted values and then determine the simple encryption.

Speedhacks And Hot Keys

One useful and very simple feature of Cheat Engine is the Enable Speedhack checkbox. Speeding up player movements can prove useful for getting through tricky areas, while slowing things down can make it easier to target and shoot before getting killed. You can assign the speedhack to hot keys on your keyboard, so pressing the “+” button doubles your speed, pressing the “-“ button halves your speed, and pressing the “1” button returns speed to normal.

If you have ever been frustrated by a game being too difficult, or one that doesn’t pose enough of a challenge because it is too easy, then Cheat Engine is the software for you. It enables you to change settings in games that would otherwise be inaccessible, share your hacks with others, and benefit from the hard work of other users by implementing their Cheat Tables.


  • Increase or decrease game difficulty
  • Automatic speedhack makes games easier
  • Works on most single player Windows games
  • Use Cheat Tables created by others


  • Doesn't decrypt encrypted variables
  • NOT designed for multiplayer use

Screenshots of Cheat Engine 6.4