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Garena enables you to find millions of online gaming partners

The Garena software is a social gaming platform, that connects players of a number of major gaming titles from around the world. With nearly 20 million PC users, as well as more than 10 million mobile users, players of League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth and other premium titles can find other gamers from around the world to compete against or with.

The name Garen is an amalgamation of Global Arena, which is exactly what the software aims to be; a global arena for gamers to connect, find like-minded players, and compete in games, tournaments, and even leagues.

Limited Titles

Garena+ has grown considerably in the few years it has been on the market, but one of the complaints that many users level at it is that it only offers limited titles. However, if you primarily play Call of Duty, Battlefield, and World of Warcraft titles, then it can offer an effective and efficient means of finding online multiplayer opponents or teammates.

League of Legeds, Path of Exile, FIFA Online 3, Heroes of Newerth, and Black Shot are some of the other titles that are supported by Garena and the list does continue to grow. The company has also signed a number of exclusive deals with game producers in order to become the official and exclusive online publisher for some of these titles.

Official Publisher

Garena works for gamers around the world, but was established and is most prominent in Asian markets, where the company holds licences to be the exclusive distributor for titles like the hugely popular League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth, as well as FIFA Online.

As the user base continues to grow, it is likely that Garena will continue to add to the list of games that it publishes in the Asian market.

Tournaments And Leagues

The popularity of e-sports tournaments and gaming leagues has grown into a massive global market over recent years, with some annual tournaments carrying prize money equivalent to millions of pounds. Garena is an advocate of this move, and has a strong platform of tournaments, leagues, and competitions. While some are aimed primarily at professional gamers and professional gaming teams, there are some that have open entry requirements.

The tournaments are primarily geared towards the Asian market, and as well as popular League of Legends tournaments, gamers can also take part in tournaments for Heroes of Newerth while a Garena gaming league runs for six months and has a dedicated women’s league that runs alongside it.

Instant Messaging And Communication

The Garena software brings like-minded gamers together, and not only does it facilitate competitive gaming, but it also offers instant messaging, messaging, and forum discussions between players. Depending on the popularity of the game, some of the channels offered can be very popular and filled with decent quality content.

The software also allows gamers to create groups or clans, and offers public chat features that can facilitate more social gaming.

As well as a desktop PC version, Garena has a similarly social platform for mobiles called BeeTalk.

Additional Premium Features

Like most gaming platforms and online gaming applications, Garena has its own currency, and attempts to make money through premium upgrades and micro-transactions.

Social users can create their own avatar when they sign up, but in order to fully customise this avatar, gamers must buy Garena Shells, which are the micro-currency for the platform.

Like so many social platforms that start out this way, it is possible that Garean will introduce further paid features in the future, but the system itself is unlikely to become a paid platform.


Essentially, Garena+ is a VPN platform that connects gamers from around the world. It has only a limited number of titles, but for gamers that do enjoy online gaming and want access to potentially millions of like-minded players, it is both effective and efficient.

Having to pay to upgrade your avatar is disappointing, and Western gamers will find features like tournaments and leagues to be mostly inaccessible. However, the forums, instant messaging, and the ability to connect gamers with others looking to play the same game are all very useful features.


  • Instant messaging and other social features
  • Connect to millions of gamers around the world
  • Some high quality premium titles are supported


  • Far from an exhaustive list of premium titles
  • Have to buy Garena Shells to upgrade and update your avatar

Screenshots of Garena Beta