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Patch 1.01 (11/8/05)

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Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

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Fix glitches in the original game with this new patch.

Download and install this free patch for the much-loved GTA game to fix graphic issues and other glitches that will improve your experience when playing this addictive and entertaining game. San Andreas is a crime-ridden state, with gang warfare, dirty businesses and weaponry reminiscent of LA as portrayed in a 1990s movie. You play as 'CJ', Carl Johnson, a detective who has just returned from Liberty City to Los Santos after discovering that his mother has been murdered, and you are framed for homicide by corrupt cops. To protect your family you are forced to go on the run and your travels will take you far and wide through the state of San Andreas.

The PC game offers excellent characterisation options. For example, you can change your appearance by working out at a gym or by buying new clothes. An exceptional choice of vehicles is at your disposal, from motorbikes to boats. As for weapons, you can choose from 40+ options including bazookas, snipers and fists. When driving your car you can choose a radio station from options including K-DST, Master Sounds and Bounce FM, to play a soundtrack to help immerse yourself in the world of San Andreas.

One of the key features of the patch is that it disables the controversial "Hot Coffee" adult mini-game. After hearing feedback from users and parental concerns, makers of Rockstar aim to maintain the spirit of the franchise with the new patch, giving the game a "Mature" rating rather than "Adults Only 18+." The overall performance of GTA San Andreas is also improved, with better textures offering an enhanced gaming experience. Audio problems are also corrected, as well as problems with dance game timing, dirty cars and issues with crashes.

Key features of the patch include:

  • Support for 720p and 1080i resolutions
  • Dance game timings enhanced
  • Controls in Numpad (numeric keypad)redefined using 5 keys for map creation
  • Colour of destroyed cars is corrected
  • 2-monitor Advanced maximum resolution display options
  • Rain / Thunderstorm bug corrected
  • DVD streaming improved

The free-to-download patch improves many of the bugs in the original San Andreas game and offers an excellent gaming experience. At a glance, the main pros and cons of the patch are as follows:


  • "Hot Coffee" mod blocked
  • Graphics problems corrected
  • Improved textures


  • A few minor issues remain to be addressed

Screenshots of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Patch 1.01