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It’s Time to Go Back to the 80s

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is being hailed as the best Grand Theft Auto game of all time. This is the sixth episode in the Grand Theft Auto series and is set on the mean streets of Miami in 1986. The 80s have been perfectly represented in this game with the bright neon lights and great details such as Jan Hammer playing on the radio. Anyone who grew up in the 80s is sure to be hit with nostalgia as soon as they step into this world, while fans of the 80s will be taken on a trip back in time while getting to play an exciting game at the same time.

The game features a strong cast of characters such as Tommy Vercetti, who is played by Ray Liotta. Other characters, such as the coke-addicted lawyer played by William Fichtner, have also been well developed and help to give the game a touch of authenticity.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is actually an extension of Grand Theft Auto III rather than being a completely new sequel. This is a real bonus for fans of GTA III who were a little frustrated that the full potential of the game had not quite been realised. In addition to the Hollywood voice actors, great music and extra touches like helicopters and golf carts, the new setting makes this version a lot more interesting than Liberty City.

However, people who loved the concept of Liberty City will find that all of their favourite elements take centre stage in Vice City. Gamers are free to play in the den of evil and corruption as they roam either on foot or in their choice of vehicles. The design of the town is so detailed that gamers will have fun simply exploring, while there are plenty of opportunities to wreak havoc and take part in missions. As always, the tough cops add an extra element of danger and menace to the game and players may sometimes feel like they are caught between a rock and a hard place as they battle both the bad guys and the Miami police force.

The variety of Vice City is perhaps the element that makes it the most interesting version. Even people who have clocked up many hours playing Grand Theft Auto III will be pleased by the different options and experiences that are available. This time around, gamers have the chance to step into the shoes of Tommy Vercetti, rather than simply being a faceless and nameless avatar. Vercetti has an intricate back story and has just been released from jail. He quickly gets himself back into trouble when he barely escapes from a bad drug deal. His main mission is to get back the drug money and track down the people who double-crossed him.

Taking out the trash is no simple business and there are plenty of twists and turns as Vercetti fights to get back on track. While there are still plenty of opportunities to cause mayhem in this version, the strong characters and great dialogue a cinematic quality that quickly becomes addictive. Of course, the game also features its classic dark humour, violence and chaos that have become the Grand Theft Auto trademarks.

For the most part, Windows users are treated to the same great graphics and smooth game play as can be experienced on the PlayStation. However, because some scenarios are so detailed, the game may glitch from time to time. While this can be mildly frustrating from time to time, it doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds to get back into the game and start zooming though the streets of Miami once more.

There is certainly a lot more going on in Vice City than some of the other Grand Theft Auto releases. For one thing, motorbikes and helicopters have been re-introduced in this version, which helps to add a new dimension to the game. There are more missions to choose from, and these missions tend to be easier than those in Grand Theft Auto III, while players can also choose to take part in a series of side missions that can usually be completed fairly quickly.

People who enjoy the action and storyline of the other Grand Theft Auto games are sure to love Vice City. In addition to being a great driving game, the vibrant graphics and storyline keep play feeling fresh and exciting. The game is open ended, allowing for hours of fun. And for people who have never experienced the world of Grand Theft Auto, Vice City is the perfect introduction.


  • Great visual experience
  • Lots of vehicles and weapons to choose from
  • Superior game play
  • Better background music
  • More game play options such as swimming and flying
  • Missions are easier than in other GTA versions
  • More missions to choose from including side missions


  • Some missions tend to last a bit too long
  • The game play can be a bit glitch on the PC
  • Although weapons look different, most are used in the same way

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