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0.3.1 Beta 3 (10/5/12)

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Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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GTA IV is a modification for the traditional GTA IV racing game onto a personal computer.

An Overview of GTA IV San Andreas

This modification is intended for those players who have already fallen in love with Grand Theft Auto IV. In the past, this would have been difficult due to the incompatibility of certain software packages. GTA IV San Andreas has found a way to supersede this issue. This has arisen from the fact that it can be used in conjunction with the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine. Otherwise known simply as RAGE, this system is capable of importing (and augmenting) the very same graphical world that was featured in the massive 2004 hit produced by the company of the same name.

The Beta Version

It should be mentioned that Grand Theft Auto IV San Andreas is still in beta testing. Therefore, some users may experience lag issues. Additionally, there could be occasional crashes and it is not entirely out of the question that this software will clash with other packages on a computer. However, it is claimed that this will mainly occur with saved games and such instances are said to be rare.

Enhancing Existing Graphics

One of the main reasons why GTA fans will choose this imported upgrade is due to the fact that existing graphics can be dramatically enhanced. Such a benefit is excellent for those who already appreciate the unique themes that the 2004 version brought forth into the industry. So, it is now simple to enjoy the iconic urban settings while participating in various missions and interacting with other avatars within the game.

Previous Installations and Memory

As many have already guessed, this imported modification will only work if GTA IV San Andreas is already installed within Windows. If it is not, it should be purchased from a trustworthy source. Once the original game is saved, the modification can be installed much in the same way as any other software package. Keep in mind that this is a large download. Should an older model of Windows be running or if you already have a significant amount of saved data within your hard drive, you may experience virtual memory issues while the game is being played. GTA IV San Andreas can also crash entirely.

Advanced Enhancements

One of the biggest benefits of this upgrade is that it takes full advantage of many of the features that are already present within the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine. Most of these revolve around the physical game play itself. Impressive high-definition graphics are a notable feature. Increased draw distance and crisper sounds are two other changes. Enhanced physics and a system known as "euphoria motion" are likewise able to be enjoyed. Finally, the RAGE system allows players to save, edit and replay clips of their gaming experience. In every way possible, this new modification has taken the traditional 2004 Grand Theft Auto series to the next level.

System Requirements

Please note that there are different versions of this modification currently available. It is still wise to take a look at some of the minimum system requirements for the package to run efficiently. Either an Intel Core II Duo Processor (2.4 gigahertz) or an AMD Athlon 64 x 2 processor (2.8 gigahertz) are recommended. 2 gigabytes of RAM are required alongside 4.2 gigabytes of free space. Windows XP (Service Pack 3), Windows Vista (Service Pack 1) or Windows Vista are all supported operating systems.

For maximum performance, the operating system requirements are understandably more robust. 4 gigabytes of RAM and 6 gigabytes of free space are both recommended. Enhanced graphic cards such as the NVIDIA GeForce or the ATI Radeon 2066 HT are supported. Intel cards will not be sufficient to achieve maximum graphical performance. Additionally, only Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) will support the most advanced version.

There are other pieces of software that are included with the installation of GTA IV San Andreas. These include:

  • .NET Framework 2.0 and 4.0
  • Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable
  • Primary Interoperability Assemblies 2010

Once again, the most important issue for most players is the memory requirement to efficiently run the system.

Benefits and Drawbacks

As with any software package, there are specific pros and cons associated with Grand Theft Auto IV San Andreas. Let us summarise this article with an examination of each category.


  • Excellent graphical rendering
  • The ability to enjoy advanced replays
  • Crisp and enhanced audio features.
  • A quick and streamlined installation
  • A stunning replication of Liberty City


  • High memory usage
  • Not compatible with older versions of Windows
  • A large download
  • The possibility of crashes from time to time
  • The game is still in its beta testing phase

Screenshots of GTA IV San Andreas 0.3.1 Beta 3