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The iconic "Grand Theft Auto" franchise continues its success with GTA V.

GTA V follows the successful pattern laid down by its iconic predecessors, as it charts the high octane urban Los Santos driving adventures of Franklin, Micheal and Trevor in the bizarre and violent criminal underworld so carefully crafted by the narrative of the game.

The quality of the game is in no way diminished by its release on PC platform. All features of the Xbox One and PS4 version released in November 2013 version are imported to the Windows compatible format, with additional extras like "Rockstar Editor", an editing and recording suite, which enables the user to unleash their creative side by recording and editing real time footage. The PC version also features a "Director Mode" which permits the player to further augment their immersion in the GTA world by directing their own short movies set inside the "in game" world.

Team players will be impressed by the online multiplayer called "GTA Online". This feature enables players to create their own avatar, who collaborates with other online players in high risk, high stakes heist missions and death match racing.

Visually, the upgraded visuals make the graphics slightly more defined than its PS 4 and Xbox One counterparts, while the audio experience offered is enhanced by the in- game "Lab FM", offering players a choice of new music or an upload from music files already stored on the PC or laptop, enabling the user to create their own bespoke radio stations.

Game players who wish to customise their experience can add a view management tool to the game, enabling modifiers to add and remove features, (although this function is not supported in the GTA online section).

Some critics may argue that there has been too much of a delay between the release of GTA V on the X Box and PS 4 consoles and its PC iteration, but the end product has definitely proved to be worth the wait.

As with all games set in the criminal Los Santos underworld of "Grand Theft Auto", this version is not suitable for children or teenagers!


  • All the fun and thrills of the Xbox One and PS 4 versions
  • Awesome graphics
  • Intense gameplay
  • Play with and against online friends


  • Requires 65 GB of space of disk space
  • May not function as well on older PC's and laptops

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