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Get Ready for Some Frosty Fun

The series of Ice Age films are popular with people from all over the world for their quirky storylines, well developed characters and great visuals. Ice Age Adventures promises to bring gamers everything they love about the film with plenty of extra touches. Does the game measure up to the films? Read the review to find out.

One of the interesting things about Ice Age Adventures is that it is a mixture of lots of different gaming genres. One of the main elements is the puzzle element, and players will be given different puzzles to solve such as the always popular match three games. Players are also provided with a city building aspect to help them create their own icy world and design it how they want, while platforming play is also engaging.

The opening cut scene is taken right from the film and draws players straight into the game. The great animation and official soundtrack add an authentic touch to the game and voices are supplied by the actual actors including John Leguizamo and Ray Romano.

The first task that players are presented with is to save Manny the Mammoth’s lost tribe, who have been lost at sea on a series of ice floats. Among the tribe members are white tigers, beavers, aardvarks and gazelles. It is the job of Sid the Sloth to save the day and rescue all his friends before rebuilding the village so that they can live together once more.

There are two main phases to the game, each of which offers new challenges and adventures. In the village building stage players construct a range of homes and take on various missions. However, the exploration stage offers the most real sense of adventure. There are more than a dozen different islands for players to unlock, and each of the islands comes with a richly varied and imaginative landscape. Race through a jungle filled with dinosaurs before making your way through a frosty arctice landscape.

The action is almost as diverse and the islands themselves. Players have the chance to fight pirates, find treasure and solve a series of fairly simple puzzles such as building bridges. Players need to collect a certain number of berries to advance in the game, and the number of berries that are needed to advance increase along with the size of the tribe. This keeps the game progress fairly slow, which can be a little frustrating at times, although there is still plenty to keep players engaged.

It has to be said that many of the puzzles and mini games in Ice Age Adventures are rather simple, which can be a little bit tedious for older players. However, in the theme of all successful puzzle games, these are also very addictive and younger players in particular are sure to love them. The great graphics more than make up for the simplicity and are sure to get players hooked.

Fans of the Ice Age Films are sure to have fun playing this game. It actually offers several games in one, meaning that players can choose the type of play they enjoy most or mix it up a little by switching from style to style. Although it is more suitable for younger players, teenagers and adults can still get a lot of enjoyment out of it and there is plenty to keep players engaged.


  • Great graphics
  • All the popular Ice Age aspects are represented
  • Full celebrity voice cast
  • Exploration and collection is fun and addictive


  • Lack of variety in the mini games
  • Can feel a bit repetitive

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