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The Need For Speed Most Wanted Demo is one of the several high-action street racing games in the Need For Speed franchise.

Developer Criterian created Need For Speed Most Wanted (demo and full version), and it is available for Xbox, PS3, Wii, and PC. The premise of the game is illegal street racing, and the venues include locales like Los Angeles and Tokyo. Along with street racing, gamers have to dodge various obstacles such as police in hot pursuit and pedestrians on the roadway without losing control lest they turn into road hamburger and go down in a blaze of glory.

The game displays a high level of digital craftsmanship; details are fine-tuned and accurately maintained throughout each scenario and screen. This attention to detail is part of what makes the Need For Speed Most Wanted such a compelling title in the entire Need for Speed franchise and game series. In this game, after gamers navigate areas such as tunnels and underpasses, there is a dramatic light change - the same as though driving it in real life and coming out into the sun. When the car edges off road (on purpose or accidentally) dirt and grass stay on the screen as they would on an actual windscreen.

Audio detailing is in there as well. Going underground causes the music (radio) to go down and the satellite navigation system on the gamer's control screen goes static because the satellites cannot read where the car is in relation to underground. Any gamer with a GPS can attest to the accuracy of this minor but pleasing detail.

Visually, when encountering pooled water along the road the driver will see sunlight glinting off these patches of slick ground, as in actual life. Criterian clearly wanted to make this driving race game as real as possible.

A new game feature is an introductory video before each level or city. The introduction shows the gamer how the city was built, starting from scratch. This is depicted as a series of screen shots of landscape and attractions or as literal buildings and vehicles dropping into place from the sky the way you might watch a short movie.

Game goals are relatively simple: outrun the police while on the road, be first in the finishing line in races, and stay on the road and on track in spite of computer and human-user machins and plots. The game has lots of open spaces to hide as well as jumps and new vehicles, which can be earned by the gamer in order to keep ahead of trouble. A more interactive component of this game is an enhanced autolog where players can challenge other players and engage in multiplayer challenges.


  • Scene loading time virtually non-existent
  • Open playing field
  • Interactive autolog
  • 41 vehicles to drive, most on hand from the start
  • Many vehicles hidden in simple to find areas
  • EasyDrive modding ready for use
  • Wild and crazy cop chases
  • Money is easy to get
  • Nice soundtrack for racing
  • Tuners and exotics available


  • Distant objects don't look as good close up
  • Open-plot can make it feel a bit directionless
  • It is more about strategy than racing - a turnoff to those who prefer straightforward racing games
  • Low speed cruising driver-physics not very accurate
  • Too much orange and brown shading
  • There is no Ferrari

Screenshots of Need for Speed: Most Wanted Demo