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Game of the Year Edition 3.1 (4/26/16)

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Real Time Strategy


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So Scary You’ll Soil Your Plants

Plants vs. Zombies is a classic tower defence game with a twist. A group of zombies are invading your home and the only way to stop them is your trusty plants. These alien plants come complete with plenty of tricks up their sleeves, or at least under their leaves. Cherry bombs and pea shooters are just two of the imaginative types of weapons that you have at your disposal. Although the zombies move fairly slowly in the tradition of classic zombies everywhere, dozens of zombies often advance at the same time, which force you to think fast and really keeps you on your toes.

Once you are familiar with what each of the plants in your arsenal does, you can start planting their seeds in your garden. These plants quickly grow into plants that will use their attack features to prevent the zombies from attacking you and eating your brain. Hot tamales are great because they burn everything in their path, while pea shooters spit green balls directly at the zombies and take them down.

Players are also presented with a number of other obstacles to make the game more difficult such as creeping fog, the setting sun and a swimming pool. There are five different game modes to choose from; adventure, survival, Zen Garden, Puzzle and Mini-Game. This means that players can keep the gaming experience fresh simply by choosing a different mode.

This game features bright and simple graphics that may make it appear to be a little bit childish at first glance. The first wave is very easy to complete, which also helps to create the feeling that this game might not be intended for older players. However, these gimmicks are simply designed to get you hooked on the game and they work very well. Before you know it you fall under the spell of the charming plants and want to try your hardest to defeat the zombies.

During the game, you will face off against dozens of different types of zombies, each of which has its own quirks and techniques. The back-from-the-dead miners are particularly challenging, while the bobsled team are rather cute. Other types of invading zombies include the zombie businessmen and zombie football players, while there are also more than fifty different plants to get to know and use as you see fit.

Plants vs. Zombies is the first tower defence game created by PopCap, who are famous for hits such as Peggle. The game features all of the basic mechanics that make this genre so popular with gamers as well as plenty of charm and personality.

Like most tower defence games, Plants Vs. Zombies is rather limited. Once you get used to the format of the game and the storyline, there are not really many options available. While it is true that levels get more difficult as the game progresses, it is all very much a variation on a theme. Zombies advance in a series of six rows and it is fairly easy to predict where they will approach and plan accordingly.

Despite this, there is no denying that Plants vs. Zombies is very addictive and you are likely to find that you keep on playing long after you intended to quit. The bright graphics and choice of background music make getting into this game very easy, while there are plenty of features that you will want to try out.


  • Lots of different types of plants and zombies
  • Colourful and fun graphics
  • Very Addictive game play
  • Lots of content
  • Five different game modes
  • 50 levels


  • Each level starts in almost exactly the same way
  • It is much too each at the start of the game
  • Difficulty increases too slowly

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