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The Spiderman 3 game trailer is rated T for Teen and shows scenes from the game.

This game trailer features classic Spiderman as well as black Spiderman, who is an edgier and distant version of the original Spiderman. Rated T, it is considered acceptable or suitable for those 13 years and older. The Spiderman 3 game includes a version for PC. In the trailer, viewers can see actual game footage to get an idea of the graphics and characters.

The game is a one-player action genre. In the game, there are new web slinging skills and a more detailed New York, including sewers, subways and the lairs of villains. In the video trailer, players can see a preview of what to expect in the game. 10 villains appear in Spiderman 3, and some can be seen in the trailer. For instance, Venom and Sandman. Some critics have said that the trailer is better than the game. Some reviewers stated that the graphics made some characters look bug eye and deformed.

Spiderman 3, game and trailer, were created by the team at Treyarch Studios. This is a change from the Spiderman 2 game, created by Traversal. Treyarch also created Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. In business since 1996, the company developed Call of Duty Zombies franchise. Known for putting out high-quality previews and upcoming game trailers, Treyarch has also done trailers for their Black Ops and Origin games. The Spiderman 3 trailer offers high quality, digital sound compatible with surround systems and graphics which, in places, are still pretty good even today (8 years later).

The audio for the game trailer and game was done by many, but not all the cast of the movie. In the trailer, players can hear a less than enthusiastic Spiderman along with other casts save for the absent Kirsten Dunst.

The trailer takes a preview of the game which includes 10 storylines as well as the one from the movie Spiderman 3. There is also a free roaming mode to go anywhere in the game, this is where players will feel as though they are still inside the Spiderman 3 game trailer.


  • Good graphics (for 2007)
  • A preview of some moves and characters from the game
  • A nice overview of the game's playing area
  • New powers and abilities tied to the Spidey suit on display


  • Game glitches
  • Frequent lag in key scenes

Screenshots of Spider-Man 3 Trailer