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Steam is an online game platform from Valve allowing user access to scores of games and demos.

Steam can be accessed through its website or through the downloadable program associated with it. Through Steam, the player can be connected to some of the latest games and demos. It also offers lower prices for some of the games which it features on its site. Cards can be bought at most computer and gaming stores which can in turn be used online at Steam to order games or other options such as monthly subscriptions for games already purchased.

Steam hosts genres including action, adventure, casual, indie, massively multiplayer, racing, RPG, simulation, sports, and strategy. Within those genres regular titles and series such as Elder Scrolls, Talos Principle, Quadle, Time Clickers, 9 Clues 2: The Ward, MOAI: Build Your Dream, Tropico 5, Weapons Genius, Big Fish Legend, Breach and Clear: Deadline, Interstellar IA, Rocket League, Way of the Samurai, Poly Bridge, Cronix: Action Champion, Feist, Better Late Than Dead, Aberoth, Trackmania: Turbo, Dying Light, Tembo the Badass Elephant, Anno 2205.

Pre-release purchases are also available on Steam. Steam software also includes computer utilities, design, and desktop publishing software. The Steam community is composed of an active, online community of fellow Steam gamers. There are forums for interest groups and connecting, and features to add friends with which to chat or play games.

Using the Steam software is as easy as using the website. Once inside the program, games can be downloaded and will be easily found for later playing inside the Steam interface, installed to the computer itself and accessible individually with a mouse click (though this will prompt the software to open). The player's library inside the software can be organized in different ways and features both a recently played section as well as favourites.

Steam has updated how it is run; earlier versions used a lot of computer resources. Later versions of the software to access games on Steam have proven to be much quicker and more reliable. A new addition is the Steam Workshop, where players can learn to build game items as well as trading what they already have for other items. Steam can be played on mobile devices and TV, for players with compatible devices.

Valve Software, Steam's designer corporation, has been on the computer gaming scene since 1996, which is a long time in the world of computer game design. The first game created by Valve was Half-Life, and since have added horror, multiplayer combat games like Team Fortress, Counter-Strike, and some puzzle games, including Portal. Originally intended as a tool to update Counter-Strike, the Steam portal grew into a full online entity with over 1,800 games available. According to Valve, there are 35 million active gamers on Steam spread across 237 countries and speaking 21 languages.


  • Game demos
  • Pre-release purchases
  • Sales of up to 75% off
  • Game updates are automatic


  • Requires account (free)
  • Can be slow loading the store pages with the software
  • Can't share games

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