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1.6.2 (8/6/14)

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The Bubs Brothers is an online, multiplayer variation on the game Bubble Bobble.

Players in the Bubs Brothers game each get their own dragon, which shoots bubbles. Players pass through levels by trapping enemies inside bubbles, which they then pop. When the bubble-enemies pop, they turn into food and get other game rewards for the dragon to eat in order to gain points. Cooperative play as well as competitive play options are available, so players can challenge against the game together or against each other separately. Configured for up to 10 players, Bubs Brothers has a built-in web UI to set up a LAN server.

Bubs Brothers is compatible with PC all the way to Windows 7. It takes up a tiny fraction of hard-drive space on modern computers (12MB). The graphics are very late 1980s, early 1990s so if the player likes a retro feel, this game has it. Other players can be captured in bubbles, just for fun, or if they are in competition, as a means to winning. Some of the more unique crazy bonus items include:

Rotten Fish: Offers one blast to kill anything around it, the super bonus edition gives seven blasts before fading out.

Glue: Triple, or 7 times fire.

Hot Pepper: It burns, and burns more with the super bonus.

Designed by Armin Rigo whose fields of study as a researcher with the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf included programming language, software engineering, and physics. The art is by David Gowers, who based the graphics on those used by McSebi in the original MacOS Bub and Bob 1, levels were created by Gio & Odie & Michel-Stéphane.

Bub Brothers features information on how players can create and post their own levels to play. It also has troubleshooting for setting up server play, and notes and descriptions of how the coding works. The mouse and keyboard are the two ways of interacting with and playing the game.

Similar to many earlier video games, where walls are placed in maze-like patterns challenges players. For instance, going through a hole in one part may shoot the player back up through a hole in a new part of the screen. Bubble delay has been noted, as well as glitches where the same level must be played repetitively with different enemies each time. A new feature is two single player modes - 3 lives traditional, or unlimited lives but no score reset. The second single player mode is kind of like finding a game cheat code without having to do the work.


  • Can be modified to suit player's specifications
  • Free server play
  • IRC chat channel #bub-n-bros on
  • Open Source C scripts available for learning


  • Very hard/impossible to find good server networks
  • Dated feel and graphics
  • Game sometimes crashes (server?)

Screenshots of The Bub's Brothers 1.6.2