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Step into the Virtual World of Sims

When The Sims was first introduced in the year 2000 it quickly became one of the most popular single player simulation games around. Players were invited to create their own unique characters complete with skills and intricate moods and guide them through life to meet people, create their own home and start a family. Men, women and children of all ages were attracted to this virtual world where they were free to make mistakes and play at life from the comfort of their own home. So does The Sims 4 measure up to the other versions? Read on to find out more.

In many ways, The Sims 4 is the most streamlined and accessible version of The Sims and comes with a whole host of polished and revamped tools. While players of the original game may have found using the tools a bit tricky to get to grips with at first, all of the rough edges have been smoothed over and controlling the sims is also very easy. Players will have a lot of fun building and decorating their dream sim home and they are nw given the option to share their creations online and get feedback. In addition to using stock buildings, players can now design the entire building from scratch if they want, which should be very satisfying for budding architects.

However, once the creation process is complete, the fun of playing The Sims 4 is almost at an end as well. Actually playing with the characters in the newly created dream world can be rather limiting and frustrating. Gone are the myriad of options that players who purchased the extensions for The Sims 3 were treated to. Although the graphics very much three dimensional works of art, the game play itself is very two dimensional and gamers could easily find themselves losing interest after an hour or two. This is a far cry from the addictive aspect of other variations of The Sims.

It isn’t all doom and gloom though. The new types of social interactions that have been added to the mix with The Sims 4 makes watching the characters interact funny and often charming. Sims can now multitask, which allows them to cook diner, eat or study while greeting other sims at the same time. Keeping the moods of your sims in check can be a full-time task. When they are angry they may well lose their job or start a fight, while amorous sims could try to start an affair with one of the neighbours or put their spouse in a compromising position.

Giving your sims quirky personality traits is fairly simple and these can be developed in imaginative ways. Sims now act in weird and wonderful ways and can turn into a joker or a devious prankster when you least expect it. However, the fun of watching these character traits tends to wear thin fairly quickly and cannot replace the storylines that are for the most part missing in The Sims 4.

People who enjoyed cycling from various areas of the sim world will be disappointed to discover that all transportation options have now been removed. It is no longer possible to cycle down hills, and in fact the hills themselves have been removed as well. The world of The Sims 4 is now completely flat, which is a sad echo of the storyline itself.

Sims are giving a lot of specific tasks to perform in this game such as throwing a birthday party and hosting a dinner party. Each task comes with a long series of items that have to be taken care of in the right order. There are lots of attractive rewards and bonuses for completing these tasks that can help players to stay focused. However, because players are so focused on completing their tasks they may well miss many of the subtle interactions between the characters and the element of spontaneity can be reduced.

People who have never played The Sims before are sure to be attracted by this world and its quirky characters. Unfortunately, fans of The Sims 3 are sure to find that there is something missing with this game. Much of the versatility and options that the predecessor offered are no longer present and many popular options have been removed completely. Of course, as with the other instalments of The Sims, a series of add-ons and expansions are set to be released for The Sims 4 later this year. It would seem like it might be better to simply wait for these extensions and continue the fun of Sims 3 until they arrive.


  • Enhanced visuals and audio make watching the sims interact more exciting
  • Lots of build a buy tools to choose from
  • Multitasking and moods make sim actions very funny
  • Sims act more naturally
  • Sims feature entertaining character traits


  • Many of the popular series features have been removed
  • Multi-sim control is restrained by the personal stories and structure limits
  • Worlds feel rather small and limited
  • Separate worlds can take a long time to load

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